Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Technology at Lincoln distinction evidence #2

On Tuesday I had to get to school earlier than I normally do because I had techology at Lincoln primary school.  When we were lining up there was only 1 bus so my bus group got to go on it and the other group had to wait but then the other bus came.  Once we had sat down there were still a few people standing and there were spare sets on the other bus so those people went onto the other bus.  Once we got there I went straight to woodwork.  Once everyone was there Mr Bowers had a talk to us about  how we sand out box.  He said that we use the rougher sandpaper and use the light stuff for afterwoods.  After Mr Bowers had finished talking we got into it.  First I sanded my box untill it was smoth on all the edges and sides.  After Mr Bowers said yes I could start the put the masking tape on where I am going to put the holes in spongebobs head.  I showed leadership by being carful when I was around machinery.

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