Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Reading, Writing and Maths

In reading in the boys class we are still doing your before, after and must do's actives and my latest reading activity was on a cricket game that someone's granddad was telling his grandson.  We only got our before activity because we had a lot of things on.

In Writing we have been doing persuasive speech's and we had to present them to our class and then if you were in the top 3 yr 7's and the top 3 yr 8's went against the girls and the 1st place yr 7 and 8 went to the Ellesmere speech compaction.

In maths we have planed our new program but we have not started it yet.  First we do a test and then we get our results and we chose some goals from our incorrect side and then we move our photo to the first goal that we chose.  After that we do a process that is workshop on the goal, then we do an activity on our goal and then we have a conference if we still don't get it, and after that we do an activity on IXL and if we get 100% we have passed our goal and we can move onto another goal.  

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