Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Technology at Lincoln distinction evidence #5

On Tuesday I had to get to school at 8:15 because I had technology at Lincoln.  When we were lining up there was only 1 bus so the other group had to wait but as soon as we left the other bus came.  Our bus that we were on was a tour bus so we had to respect it like we respect the other bus's.  When we got there I headed to workshop and got straight in to my work. Mr Bowers just said that we know what to do so I got into painting my speaker box.  When I looked at it the paint had dried and last week the yellow was looking a bit green so I made a lighter yellow but I ran out so I just sanded the paint off and repainted it.  I got about 2 coats done on each side so I think I will get it finished.  For the rest of the day at Lincoln I just painted and waited for the paint to dry. I showed leadership by being careful when I was using the paint because it could have gone everywhere.  

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