Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Senior Librarian distinction evidence #3

On Tuesday I went to the library to read a book but Mrs Ward was short a librarian so she asked me if I would like to help out so I stepped in.  Mrs Ward had lots of jobs to do but she got me to stamp Oaklands School on to some new school  journals.  There were 5 box's and all of them had around 50 books in them.  She also had Sharna and Xanthe helping.  Sharna was stamping like me and Xanthe was tapeing the books.  Some people came up to me and said is doing librarian fun so I said yes and I encouraged them to do it in year 7/8.  After they were gone I got back to work and at the end of lunchtime I had ended up doing 2 full box's which helped Mrs Ward out a lot.   I showed leadership by helping around the school when asked. 

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