Thursday, 26 May 2016

Senior librarian excellence evidence #3

On Thursday at lunchtime I had senior librarian duty.  Once I got there I asked Mrs Ward if she had printed the overdue lists and she had so it was a job that we didn't have to do.    Once she gave us the lists I got the folder and got the cards out.  We had new orange cards because we ran out of yellow ones.  I was putting them in order and getting the cards ready and Jonathan was stapling them together.  There was not as many year 7/8's that had overdue library books for once which was surprising.  I showed leadership by being at the right place at the right time to do my library duty.

Student council excellence evidence #2

On Wednesday I had student council at 12:15.  Firstly I had to write my name up on the "where am I" board in the class and then I could go.  I had to remember to bring my green folder with me.  Once we got there we sat down and then waited for Mrs Trotter.  Then a big truck came into school.  I went to get my Mum so she could see what it was and help unload.  I got to help unload the truck, I got to take 1 of the 3 boxes off the truck.  In the boxes there was apples.  After that Mrs Trotter came over and started the meeting.  In the meeting we talked about what we want the school to look like in the future.  We are doing this because the school is getting redesigned soon.  I showed leadership by being at the right place at the right time to attend the meeting.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Technology at Lincoln excellence evidence #4

On Tuesday I had to get to school earlier because we had technology at Lincoln.  I got to school at 8:20 and the class got unlocked at 8:25am.  As soon as I got in we did the roll and then sat down on the kiva.  Once we were done we lined up outside and walked to the bus.  Once we got to the spot the buses were meant to be I noticed that there were no buses.  We had to wait for awhile and then one showed up.  The other group got to go on it.  We were still waiting then finally the other bus came.  Once we got to Lincoln I went straight to class.  When I got there I asked the teacher if she had printed my little boots but she hadn't yet.  For the rest of the day I help Lindsay with his product.  I showed leadership by being respectful on the bus.

My short story

W.A.L.T. Use a range of precise vocabulary to communicate meaning and Use all basic punctuation independently and attempt more complex punctuation (eg semicolons, colons, parentheses) Year 7/8 standard.

The pieces of my writing that are highlighted green are where I have shown my vocabulary and punctuation goal.
My Story...

Geoff's camping trip

One day Geoff went camping in the bush with his workmates from Google.  Geoff has a family, he has a wife called Paige and his wonderful kid called Jeff.  Geoff loves camping especially in the bush, he doesn't like camping at a camping ground because other people are too noisy.  

It was Geoff 10th year working at Google so his workmates took him for a trip in the bush camping for a week.  But from there that's when it all went wrong.  It took 5 hours by car to get to the walking track in the bush.  The track takes them 1 whole week to walk.  

All of Geoff’s workmates and him have a big travel bag with them.  They all have lots of food,water and a tent.  Overnight they put their tent up and sleep.  When they get up in the morning they light a fire and have breakfast.  It was Geoff's turn to to get the firewood.

Geoff went to get firewood on the 4th morning of their trip.  It was raining the overnight so the track was wet and slippery.  Geoff had to be very careful because if he slipped he would fall down the side of the track and it was a long way down to the bottom.  Geoff finally found some firewood, the wood was wet and slimy, when Geoff bend down to get the wood he slipped.

Geoff was falling he was so scared he didn't know if he was going to live or not, he hit the bottom of the cliff.  Geoff started yelling to his workmates they couldn't hear him.  Geoff workmates started to get worried so they went looking for him, they looked for hours for him and then they finally found him.

Geoff's workmates got out there phones and called emergency services it them 3 hours to get there.  Geoff is rescued after 6 hours of waiting.  Geoff and his workmates get taken to hospital and his workmates get released after 1 day and Geoff gets released after 2 days in hospital.  Geoff returned home to his family and lived happily ever after.

By Dylan

Friday, 20 May 2016

Senior Librarian Excellence evidence #2

On Thursday at lunch time I had my weekly library sheriff duty with Jonathan and Madyx.  Once we got there I jumped on the computer and printed out the overdue lists.  Mrs Ward had to go and get them because there are new printers and all staff have a code and they have to put that in before it prints it.  Once Mrs Ward got back we started stapling.  After we had stapled all of them into classes we had to put them in class order and Mrs Ward put them in the teachers pigeon holes and we took the year 7/8 ones back to class.  There was only overdue's for rooms 25 and 27 but room 25 only had half a page and room 27 had 2 full pages of overdue's.  Overall the seniors are the worst in the school at getting there books back on time!  I showed leadership by being at the right places at the right time to do my library sheriff duty.

Student council excellence evidence #1

On Wednesday I had student council with the 2 representatives from each class, the other 3 heads and Mrs Martin.  It is meant to be Mrs Trotter that takes Student Council but she had somewhere else to be.  Last week we had to ask our classes about what they want the school to look like in the future.  The reason we are doing this is because the school is getting redesigned and they want some student voice in it.  Each class suggested 3 ideas and Hannah wrote them down on a whiteboard and then Kyla typed them up using a laptop.  The three our class suggested were a school cafeteria, a proper football field and a technology block.  I showed leadership by contributing to the discussion.

Helping around the school excellence evidence #3

Today at morning tea Oakland's School had it's first bake sale of the year to help fundraise for the year 8 trip to Wellington.  Firstly we moved the tables from the year 7/8 class to the 3 stations.  There were 3 stations, they were at the chess board, swimming pool and the music room deck.  I was at the chess board station.  Once we got there we got all the food setup and then one of us went to get the classes one at a time.  At the start there was not many people and then once the 11am bell and the 11:10 bell rang more people came.  For the rest of morning tea there was the odd couple of people come and buy baking.  After school there was another sale because all the stuff didn't sell.  Overall it was a good bake sale and it was fun.  I showed leadership by being at the right place at the right time to help and setup for the bake sale.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Kauri Cross Country excellence evidence #2

On Thursday the Kauri team had there yearly cross country at Halswell Domain.  When the 9:00 bell rang we did the Whanau Hui as normal and then we had about half an hour to do some S.M.L.  At 9:50 we packed up and got our stuff and lined up.  The seniors were last in the line so we had to wait a lot.  When we were crossing Halswell Road there was a police officer to help us cross.  When we got down to the domain we had something quick to eat and then we had to walk to track.  We didn't walk all of it because it was a very big track.  The year 7/8 race was first because the touch team had a tournament and they had to leave at 12pm.  We had to do 2 laps of the course.  After my race I was exhausted.  We got to sit down for a bit and then we had to go over and play the games.  The game was capture the flag.  Overall the day was fun and I enjoyed myself.  I showed leadership by listening to the teachers and doing what they asked.

Saturday, 7 May 2016

Senior librarian excellence evidence #1

On Thursday I had my lunch and then once the 12:50 bell went I headed to the library because I had library police duty.  Once I got to the library Mrs Ward told us that we didn't need to print the overdue lists since she had already done them and there were new printers and we don't know how to use them.  All we had to do was get the overdue cards and staple them on the overdue lists and then put them in class order.  There was lots of overdues for the year 7/8's.  I showed leadership by being a the right place at the right time to do my library police duty.

Leadership meeting

On Wednesday the 2016 student leaders had there first meeting of term 2.  The meeting was not at morning tea because some of us are not available because of other commitments and Miss O'Connor wanted to meet with the peer mediators and Mr Mullur wanted to meet with the P.A.L's.  In our meeting we had to make a survey to share with the school.  In our survey there is some general questions and then there are 2 questions from each group E.G. 4 heads and house captians.  It will be emailed in a google form to the Kauri group and we will make easier questions for the Kakano team.  I showed leadership by contributing to the meeting.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Technology at Lincoln Excellence evidence #1

On Tuesday I had to be at school early because we had Technology at Lincoln Primary School and the bus left at 8:30.  The bus trip was good because the noise level was good and I was only talking to the person next to me.  Once we got there I headed straight to class.  I am in design.  In design we use a 3D printer to print out things that we design on Tinkercad.  On Tuesday we got into groups of 3 and 2 groups of 4 and we made iMovies about the design process.  I was in a group with Austin and Isaac.  Each group got an iPad at random and it had a key ring on it with what part of the design process we got.  Our group got the finished product.  That means we have to make a movie about finished products.  In our movie we talked about a finished product and an unfinished product.  We get to watch each other's videos next week.  The bus ride on the way back was just as good as it was on the way there.  It was quiet and people were talking to the people next to them.  I showed leadership by talking to the person next to me on the bus so the bus driver could concentrate.  

Monday, 2 May 2016

I can describe the structure of a Short Story

Blog post title: I can describe the structure of a Short Story

Something I have learned about the structure of short stories is: They are about a page long and have lots of paragraphs.

After reading some short stories two things I will remember when I write my own short story are they have to have a problem in them and they have lots of detail in them.