Sunday, 29 March 2015

Kapa Haka

On Friday at 10:30 only the performance group had Kapa Haka because Neil Shaskey was in the hall doing Art workshops.  I was angry because I was looking forward to it.  While the others were gone  we continued on with our role model writing.  I am writing to Brendon McCullum because he is my role model.

Senior Choir

On Friday morning at 8:45am I headed off to Senior Choir.  We could not use the hall as we usually do because the art workshop was being held in the hall so I found out we were in the music room.  It was rather a squash for all of us but we managed to still beat out a tune.  The songs we are practising in Choir are Money, Money, Money and Hallelujah.  I am enjoying my time in Choir as this is the first time I have done it. 

Tuesday, 17 March 2015


Today at lunch time I had Librarian duty with Oscar and Victor.  As it was colder today at lunch time the library was quite busy with a range of students from all years. Some students were happy to sit and read books while others coloured in.  My main duties in the library today were to issue and return books, put books away and make sure the shelves were kept tidy.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Peer Mediator

Today I was a Peer Mediator for the second half of lunch with Ryan and Abigail.  We normally use  I-pads but there were no I-pads available to use because they were having updates done on them.  It was a pretty quiet lunchtime with no major problems for us to solve. 

Technology at Lincoln

Tuesday started off with a rather squashy bus ride to Tech at Lincoln for some of the unlucky students that had to sit three to a seat. Once at Lincoln we split into ours groups and off we went.  I am doing Science with Mr Roozen and our group made a Sun Dial. We started out learning about the time centres and then we started our base. The part we were going to put the sun dial on had to be on a 90 degree angle. Once our Sun Dial was completed we took it outside for a trial run but I didn't have any success.

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Jellie Park and Multicultural Day

Jellie Park

On the 24th of February the year 4-8s went to Jellie Park for their swimming sports.  The races we could do were width freestyle and width kickboard or length freestyle and length backstroke but we could not do 1 width and 1 length.  In my width races I got 3rd.  After all the races we had lunch and then we had the class relays.  They were length relays so if you were in the width races you could not do the relay.  Then after the relays we had the house challenges.  In the house challenges we went house by house.  The challenge was to get all of the objects out of the pool in the quickest time.  We didn't get to finish all of the challenges because we ran out of time.  By Dylan

Multicultural Day
On the 23rd of February the school held a Multicultural Day.  It involved us coming to school dressed in something that represented our culture/heritage and we also had to bring a plate of food that represented our culture/heritage to share for a shared lunch. You also had the option of bringing in a game or something from your home country.  It was heaps of fun and was great to see so many of Room 26 get involved.  By Dylan