Monday, 22 February 2016

Leadership training

WALT: Describe the traits of an effect leader.

Over the past week the yr 7/8's have been learning how to be a leader and to describe traits of an effect leader.  First we started of with brainstorming some traits we came up with 36 and we had to downsize it to 6.  It was a very long process, After a while we got it down to about 10 and then we finally go it down to 6.  The 6 we came up with were Integrity, Trustworthy, Resilient, Active Thinker, Goal Focused and Motivation.  I read a book on Sir Edmond Hillary and the traits he showed were resilient because he didn't give up climbing MT Everest. Goal Focused because he was focused on climbing MT Everest.

Friday, 19 February 2016

Kauri team event Merit evidence #1 (Jellie Park)

On Friday the whole Karui team went to Jellie park for the swimming sports. Once we got there the leaders sat away form everyone else because we had to help out.  Once we were settled we had some morning tea.  After that we went and got changed and then the races started.  You could choose width of length, I chose width.  First we started with the width races and worked up the year levels so the year 4 boys went and then the year 4 girls and so on.  There were 2 races that you had to do, they were kickboard and freestyle.  My results were 4th in kickboard and 2nd in freestyle.  After all the width races were done we did the house activities.  All the leaders had to help because we had organised them.  The 2 games were called madness where we throw objects in the pool and the house that gets them all back the fastest wins.  The other game was splash, the aim of that game was the house that made the biggest splash wins.  After that we had lunch and then we did the length races. After that we went back to school but there was 1 problem, there weren't enough buses so we had to wait for about an hour and when we got back to school the time was nearly 4 o'clock.  I showed leadership by listening to the teachers when I was meant to.

Senior librarian Merit evidence #1

On Thursday at lunchtime Madyx, Jonathan and myself went to the library because it was our library duty.  This year our roles are to check and see if there are any overdue books and if there is we print a piece of paper off and then Mrs ward puts it in the teachers pigeon hole.  Also we have to check the teachers account and renew the books and other stuff that they have out.  On Thursday there was just some stuff on the teachers accounts that we had to renew.  I showed leadership by being at the right place at the right time to do my duty.