Friday, 18 September 2015

P.A.L.S distinction evidence #3

On Friday I had P.A.L.S duty but things didn't turn out that well.  After the bell rang at 12:40 I went looking for Isabella but all of her friends said that she was sick so then I went looking for Poppy but she  was watching the talent show that was on in the hall.  I told her that we had P.A.L.S but she wanted to stay and watch.  Next I went looking for other people to help me do my duty but everyone I asked said no or was either watching the talent show. After that I told Mr Muller and he said to not worry about it.  After that I went and watched the talent show for the rest of lunchtime.  I showed leadership by being responsible and turning up to do my P.A.L.S duty even though the others didn't bother. 

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  1. Well, that isn't nice. That happened to me a couple of times.