Friday, 26 September 2014

100 Word Challenge Week #4

Once upon a time lived a crocodile that was so lazy that he lost his brain. It said ‘’ I am not living with you any more, crocodile.’’ The crocodile replied, "I don’t care I don’t need you anyway.’’

So the brain stormed away and sighed, “Oh just don’t worry about him.” 

The brain was walking along minding his own business when an orange hit him in the cerebrum. "Oww,’’ he bellowed. 

Luckily, he landed on something soft, his crocodile.

“Ohh, I landed on something, WAIT who am I?”

He forgot who he was. 

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Another place another time

W.A.L.T write a Narrative

It all started on a stormy night.  I was asleep in my bed on a boat called the Swift Sailer until I felt a big BANG!! I jumped out of my bed and ran up to the top deck. The captain said that we had hit a rock. I replied ''we will have to jump out of the boat.''

I saw an island and told my crew to swim over to it.  When I got to the island there was some coconuts and berries and we had to drink from the sea.

I found some train tracks and some supplies to build a cart.  We travelled along the tracks BUT...

After awhile the tracks came to an end i yelled ''there is nowhere to go!!!''

I saw a ship we signalled it over and it saw us the captain said ''where do you want to go Mattie?''
I replied ''back to my home town thanks mate.''
''Sure thing'' said the captain.
We finally returned but something was different...

P.S this is the photo of another place another time

A Trip to the Future

W.A.L.T    Write a list poem.

A Trip to the Future 
One extra large quadruple knitted triple layered thick blanket in case i get cold.

one extremely large ultra strong unbeatable 5000 volt generator in case i need power.

Lots of huge crates of non-perishable food in case i get hungry.

thousands of summer and winter clothes incase it is hot of cold.

Lots of cash incase i get fined or have to buy some supplies.


Thursday, 18 September 2014

Oaklands acrostic poem

O.  Ordinary oaklands
A.  Awesome learners
K.  Kind to others 
L.  Learning to learn
A.  Anti-bullying school
N.  Never negitive 
D.  Doing work
S.  Sit sensible students 
By Dylan 

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Technology at Lincoln

Today the year 6's and I went to Lincoln primary school for technology here's what I made.

Left to right

I made a smiley face and a name tag at textiles.

I made a twisty thing at woodwork.

I made a helicopter at science.

And I made a biscuits at cooking.