Friday, 27 November 2015

Peer mediator

On Thursday at lunch time I was playing cricket but then I remembered that I had peer mediator at 1:10pm.   At 1:10 I looked out for Ryan and he was ready so we got our vests from the other group and since they didn't have an iPad we had to go and get one.  After we got an iPad we started walking around the field to the senior playground because there is lots of problems there.  There were no problems there, so we headed over to the big oak tree and there were no problems there, so we headed to the smaller oak tree and there was a problem but it was about someone pulling out the grass on field.  After that the bell rang so we had to go back to class.  I showed leadership by being at the right place at the right time to do my duty.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Senior Librarian

On Tuesday at lunch time I had Senior Librarian.  Once the 12:40 bell rang I had not finished my lunch so I had to sit outside the library until i had finished.  Once I had finished I went inside and looked at the trolley and there was lots of books to put away so I said to Mrs Ward if I could push the trolley around instead of carrying the books.  Mrs award said yes so I started putting them back.  After I had finished that I asked Mrs Ward if there was any other jobs that she wanted me to do and she said that there was some new books to stamp.  After I sat down Hannah asked if she could do the books and I do the desk so I said yes.  After that I was time to close the library so we got to go early.  I showed leadership by being at the right place at the right time to do my duty.

Friday, 6 November 2015

Peer Mediator

On Thursday at 1:10pm I told Ryan that it was time for our duty so we went and got our gear. Firstly we started walking around the field and then we stopped at the senior playground to see how things were as there are normally problems there. Since there were no problems we continued walking around the field. When we got over to the big oak tree we told some students to move as there was a game of cricket about to start and then out the corner of my eye I noticed Cody signalling us over to where he was. Cody needed our assistance as there was a big problem with three students which resulted in one student being pushed and another being punched in the face.  Luckily the bell was about to ring so a duty teacher was heading our way and helped us out. I showed leadership by following the Peer Mediator rules and seeking help from the duty teacher.  

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Senior Choir Music festival

On Friday I got to school at my normal time and once the bell rang I went to class to do the roll and then I went to the music room because we had a music festival practice.  When we got in the music room there was already a lot of people in there so Mrs Harris did the roll so she knew if anyone was not going.  After we did the roll we went and lined up outside the office because we had to go by bus to Horncastle Arena.  Once everyone was on the bus we headed off.  Once we got there we went to a Vbase person to see where we are going.  Once we got to our seats we sat quietly until it started.  Once it had started we had to do some warm ups and then we practiced all the songs that we had to sing.

Later that night we had to be back at Horncastle Arena at 6:20 because that was the time that we had to be there.  Once I got there I headed to door 1 and waited with the rest of the Oaklands school choir. Once we were on stage we had to be quite and when the lights went bright we stood up and moved so there weren't any gaps between us.  In between the songs we sang, there was music played by an orchestra and there were other choirs singing.

Overall I enjoyed it because it sounded really good and it was a sold out crowd of about 5000 people.  My Nana, Mum and my brother Liam were there watching. I felt I did myself and Oaklands school proud on the night.