Thursday, 23 April 2015

Peer Mediator

Today at 1:10 I got Ryan and Abigai and went to the rm25 forer and got the gear we needed to do Peer Mediation.There were no problems so it was not very fun.  We walked around the field a lot of times but there were still no problems so everyone was playing nicely which was great to see.  I was very surprised that there were no problems because the Kakano allways has at least one. 
 I showed leadership by being at the place at the right time to do my duty.
My next step is ignoring distractions when I an on duty because it is easy to stop and talk to your friends when you are on the field doing your duty.

Technology at Lincoln

On Tuesday the 21st of April it was Technology day at Lincoln and it was also my birthday.  I am currently doing textiles and we are making a 3 piece toy.  We had to practice using the sewing machine and had to sew a square using a straight stitch.  I was quite pleased as I got 5/5 for my practice sewing.  I showed Leadership by talking to the person quietly next to me on the bus and sitting 3 to a seat.  I also listened carefully to the instructions given to me while at Tech. 

Friday, 3 April 2015

Peer Mediator

On Thursday I showed Leadership by being in the right place at the right time to do my Peer Mediator duty.  As soon as we started walking around we had 2 problems to solve.  Firstly some Kakano children had a problem with teams while playing tackle rugby so we helped them solve the problem by sorting the teams for them. The next problem was children were playing around by the saw dust pile which is out of bounds so we had to then get a duty teacher to help us out.  


I showed My CARE values at Tech and on the bus on Tuesday by sitting three to a seat and talking quietly to the person next to me.  This week was my first week at Textiles.  Firstly Mrs Patterson went over safety and what we will be doing.  We made a key ring which I completed in the allocated time as I showed respect by listening to the instructions given and followed them to the best of my ability.   Here is my finished key ring.