Friday, 4 September 2015

Senior choir distinction evidence #3

Today I had to get to school at 8:30 because I had senior choir at 8:45 in the music room.  When I got there, there was only a few people there but when Miss Harris got there more people came and we got into our warm ups.  Once we had gone through our warm ups we got straight into singing.  First we sang "Here comes the sun" a few times and then we sang "ring of fire" a few times and we practiced certain parts where it was high and low.  After that we got told that we are learning a new song and we got given a lyrics sheet so we could practice.  We went through the first 6 lines a few times and then choir was finished because it was 9:30 and the yrs 5/6 had Te Reo.  I showed leadership by being resilient when singing our new song because it was challenging.

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