Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Technology at Lincoln Excellent evidence #3

Today I had to get to school early because we had Technology at Lincoln.  When we were lining up I looked at the bus's and they were not the bus's we normally have because they were bigger and they were Metro bus's that transport people.  When we got on the bus's there was a 1 seater seat so I sat in it.  Once everyone sat down the bus driver said that the bus that we were on was a Metro bus and we had to respect it because it transports people and they want a good bus to sit in.  Once we got there I went to my class and started my room design.  When everyone got there Mrs Scott had a talk to us and said our goal was to try and get our wallpaper all done and move on to the floor and then the interior.  After Mrs Scott had finished talking, Ryan and I started to wallpaper our last wall.  Once we had done our wallpaper we tried to figure out what colour our floor should be and after a lot of thinking we finally decided on a light green.  Once we had cut it to size we stuck it down with a glue stick and moved onto our cricket pitch and wickets.  After we had cut out our cricket pitch we cut out our wickets.  Our cricket pitch was a brown piece of fabric and our wickets were straws.  After we had hot glued them down, we started planning for our net that is going around our pitch.  We got some popsicle sticks and glued them on like a triangle to hold the net.  After we had done four we had to pack up because we had to go back to school.  I showed leadership by being resilient because the cutting and gluing of the wickets was very fiddly and you could burn your fingers easily.

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