Friday, 26 June 2015

Senior Choir excellence evidence #2

Today I had Senior Choir at 8:45.  Today it was in the hall because we are performing at the celebration of learning assembly.  When I got there, there were only girls there.  Once Miss Harris got there we had already started our warm ups.  After we had done our warm ups we sang hallelujah but after we had finished singing Miss H said that we were a little flat.  Miss Harris tried a new thing, it was when we sing she says an emotion and we have to sing like it.  After we had done that a couple times we tried singing hallelujah again and they said it was much better but we needed to keep our volume up.  After that we sang money money money once and Miss H and Mr M liked the volume. Then matua Rihari came in and we sang hallelujah to him because it had a Maori verse in it.  After we had finished singing Matua said that our pronunciation was spot on.  Then we had to stop because it was 9:30 and the yrs 5/6 had Te Reo.  I showed leadership by being resilient because we had to put all our effort into the song.

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