Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Technology at Lincoln excellence evidence #1

Today I had to get at school at 8:45 because we had tech at Lincoln.  On the bus we could only talk to the person next to us or the volume would get to loud.  Once we got there we headed to our class. I am in design which is in the hall.  We continued with our dream room, I am doing it with Ryan.  Today we finished our plan on paper and then we drew it in 3d to plan out how we make it on our good copy.  Next we started cutting out our room and added our doors and windows.  When we had to go I made sure I got everything and hopped on the bus and talked to the person next to me to make sure the volume didn't get to high.  Once we got back to school we had to wait till 12:40 to get our sausages as it was sausage sizzle day. I showed leadership by being resilient doing our dream room because it was very fiddly and was challenging. 

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