Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Reading week 8 term 2

Here is my reading for week 8.  My goal is to explore the authors purpose.  First we do our prediction sheet to predict what the story is going to be about ( top left).  Next we read the story in our head and then aloud. Then we do a vocabulary sheet to write down the technical and unfamiliar words in the story.  After that we do a summery sheet so if someone reads it the know what the story is about.  All of that is called our before activity which we do on Monday.  After our before is done we do our must dos or our teacher follow up.  For must dos we had to do a article about a glass bridge and answer some questions and then a reading comprehension sheet about hypens (top right). Our follow up was about writing a made up story about a road sign and what it ment ( bottom right).  

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