Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Technology at Lincoln Excellence evidence #2

Today I had to get to school early because we had Tech at Lincoln.  Once I got to school we had to be very careful because there was ice everywhere.  When I finally got to class the 8:30 bell rang so I went into class because we had to do the roll to see if people were late or sick.  Once we had done the roll Mr Brown said if we see someone that was late we have to tell them to go to the office so the school knew if they were here or not.  When we were lining up there was only 1 bus there, so bus 2 people got to go on it while bus 1 people were still waiting.  Once we left we could only talk to the person next to us so the bus driver could concentrate on the road because it was very icy.  Once we got there we had to look out for ice so we had to walk not run.  When we got into class we continued on with our room design.  Once we had finished our room we had to wallpaper it.  Ryan and I got 3 of our sides done so we only have one to go.  On the way back there was only a little bit of ice on the road as the sun had melted most of the ice.  I showed leadership by being self aware and talking to the person so the noise level did not get to loud and distract the bus driver.

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