Friday, 4 November 2016

Technology at Lincoln Distinction evidence #4

On Tuesday I had to get to school at 8:20 because we had technology at Lincoln and the bus left at 8:30.  When we got there I went straight to mandarin because we had it at 9:30.  In mandarin we went over what we learnt last week which was family members.  After mandarin I went back to the cooking class and waited outside for the teacher.  After everyone got there we went inside and washed our hands and got our aprons on.  Next we got told what we were making, it was pinwheel scrolls and scones.  We paired up and each pair did 1 recipe.  I did pinwheel scrolls.  To make them we made a dough with flour, baking powder, milk and butter.  After making it into dough, we made it into a rectangle and put lots of cinnamon on it.  After that we rolled it up and cut it into 8 pieces. Finally we put them into the oven for 10-15 minutes.  I showed leadership by listening to the teacher and being careful.

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