Thursday, 17 November 2016

Senior Librarian Distinction evidence #8

On Thursday I didn't have to do my library duty because Mrs Ward is starting stock take and you can no longer get books out from the library.  In the weeks coming we will be doing the overdues because everyone needs to get there book back to the library but it doesn't matter yet.  I have helped out in the library this week by putting books away in the mornings and issuing books for people in the morning as well.  Overall this year in the library I have been very helpful because I always turn up to my library duty, I help out at lunchtime by issuing and returning books and putting books back on the shelf's.  I have also helped out by being in the library practically every morning to help out with any issuing and returning that needs to be done, I have also turned the computer on every morning and got it ready when Mrs Ward was away.  I showed leadership by helping out in the library without being asked all the time.

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