Thursday, 9 June 2016

Technology at Lincoln excellence evidence #6

On Tuesday I had to get to school earlier because I had technology at Lincoln primary and the bus left at 8:30 AM.  When I got to school I had to wait outside for a bit then we were aloud inside.  Once I got inside I did the roll and then sat down on the mat.  After everyone got there we lined up and went out to the buses.  There was one problem, there was no buses there.  We waited outside for a bit then one bus came.  Our group didn't get to go on it because the other group did.  Our group went inside because it was cold and we had been waiting for age's.  Finally our bus came.  We got straight on.  Once we finally got to Lincoln I headed straight to class.  We were in a new class, so I am now in Woodwork.  Firstly we talked about safety and then we started planing for what we are making.  We had a choice out of a tray, clock and a stool.  I am making a stool.  We only got through our planning on Tuesday morning.  I showed leadership by listening and being respectful to the teacher.  

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