Thursday, 16 June 2016

Student council excellence evidence #5

On Wednesday at 12:15 I had to leave class because I had student council.  When I got their, there were already some people there.  There was also a visitor from Halswell Plunket because we are having a mufti day on Friday to raise money for them.  There were hardly any seniors there so someone went to get them and once they came Mrs Trotter arrived too.  The visitor shared some information with us about Plunket and it has been around for 109 years and has also changed a lot in that time.  After that the visitor gave us some stickers, badges, posters and balloons.  Mrs Trotter also made some posters so we gave all of the posters out to everyone to hang up around the school.  I showed leadership by listening to the visitor and respecting her.

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