Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Technology at Lincoln Excellence Evidence #4

On Tuesday I had to get to school early as the year 7/8 go by bus to Technology at Lincoln Primary School for the morning.  When our bus got to Lincoln, the first bus had already arrived as our bus was late to school to pick us up. Once off the bus and in my class, Miss Scott talked to us about what we still had left to do on our design and said that we should be up to the interior design stage.  Once we were allowed to start, Ryan and I got straight to work starting to cut out our cricket net to go around our cricket pitch.  I took three attempts to cut out the cricket net because we could not get it the right size.  After we finally got this right, we started to glue on our cricket net.  Once we had finished that the next step was to cut a door out so the players could get in.  Ryan and I only have one more thing to do on our design then it will be complete.  I showed leadership by being resilient when Ryan and I were putting the net on the cricket pitch because it was very fiddly work. 

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