Thursday, 23 July 2015

Reading week 1 term 3

In reading my goal is to analyse similarities and/or differences of language, written communication and dialogue.  In reading it has changed a bit but we still have the before, after and must dos but instead of our prediction and vocabulary sheet we have a author purpose sheet.  On our author purpose sheet we have to make an opinion on what the story was about.  The choices are persuasive, informative or entertaining.  Next we do a summary sheet like last term.  After that we do an inference activity.  An inference activity is when the teacher choose's  an article with questions and we had to answer them with the question in our answer.  All of that is called a before activity.  Then we do our teacher session and follow up. All it is, is when we go down to the teacher we talk about the story we read and then the teacher gives us an activity about it.  Now after you have done all that you can do the must dos.  There are 3 activitys to complete for the must dos.  They are a cloze, word study and a article from dogo news with questions to answer.  Once you have done that you have done your reading for the week.

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