Saturday, 4 July 2015

Senior Choir excellence evidence #3

On Friday I went to school like normal but at 8:45 I went to the hall because we had Senior Choir.  When I got there, there was only 3 boys there but closer to the bell more boys came.  Once Miss Harris got there we sat down waiting for her to do the roll.  After the roll was done we got into our lines because we were performing at the celebration of learning assembly after lunch.  When we were being put in our lines Miss Harris said that the seniors would be in the front row on the floor and the rest of Choir were on the stage.  Next we sang money money money and hallelujah to practice, looking at Miss Harris and not just looking all round the hall.  When we started to sing Mrs Martin came in and asked Mr M how much space we needed and where things are going.  After we had finished singing Mrs Martin said that we need to work on our volume and for Mr M to turn the piano volume down because it is hard to hear us.  Next we sang hallelujah and Miss Harris said that we did very well on the ending.  Then it was 9:30 so Choir had to finish.  After lunch at 2:00 we went to the hall for the celebration of learning assembly. First Kapa Haka opened the assembly and then after they had finished choir went up and sang 2 songs, they were Money money money and hallelujah. When we were performing I was very squished  because there were a lot of yr 7/8 in Choir.  I showed leadership by being at the right place at the right time for senior choir and standing in my correct spot. 

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