Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Technology at Lincoln excellence evidence #4

On Tuesday I had to get to school earlier because we had technology at Lincoln.  I got to school at 8:20 and the class got unlocked at 8:25am.  As soon as I got in we did the roll and then sat down on the kiva.  Once we were done we lined up outside and walked to the bus.  Once we got to the spot the buses were meant to be I noticed that there were no buses.  We had to wait for awhile and then one showed up.  The other group got to go on it.  We were still waiting then finally the other bus came.  Once we got to Lincoln I went straight to class.  When I got there I asked the teacher if she had printed my little boots but she hadn't yet.  For the rest of the day I help Lindsay with his product.  I showed leadership by being respectful on the bus.

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