Friday, 20 May 2016

Senior Librarian Excellence evidence #2

On Thursday at lunch time I had my weekly library sheriff duty with Jonathan and Madyx.  Once we got there I jumped on the computer and printed out the overdue lists.  Mrs Ward had to go and get them because there are new printers and all staff have a code and they have to put that in before it prints it.  Once Mrs Ward got back we started stapling.  After we had stapled all of them into classes we had to put them in class order and Mrs Ward put them in the teachers pigeon holes and we took the year 7/8 ones back to class.  There was only overdue's for rooms 25 and 27 but room 25 only had half a page and room 27 had 2 full pages of overdue's.  Overall the seniors are the worst in the school at getting there books back on time!  I showed leadership by being at the right places at the right time to do my library sheriff duty.

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