Thursday, 5 May 2016

Technology at Lincoln Excellence evidence #1

On Tuesday I had to be at school early because we had Technology at Lincoln Primary School and the bus left at 8:30.  The bus trip was good because the noise level was good and I was only talking to the person next to me.  Once we got there I headed straight to class.  I am in design.  In design we use a 3D printer to print out things that we design on Tinkercad.  On Tuesday we got into groups of 3 and 2 groups of 4 and we made iMovies about the design process.  I was in a group with Austin and Isaac.  Each group got an iPad at random and it had a key ring on it with what part of the design process we got.  Our group got the finished product.  That means we have to make a movie about finished products.  In our movie we talked about a finished product and an unfinished product.  We get to watch each other's videos next week.  The bus ride on the way back was just as good as it was on the way there.  It was quiet and people were talking to the people next to them.  I showed leadership by talking to the person next to me on the bus so the bus driver could concentrate.  

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