Thursday, 12 May 2016

Kauri Cross Country excellence evidence #2

On Thursday the Kauri team had there yearly cross country at Halswell Domain.  When the 9:00 bell rang we did the Whanau Hui as normal and then we had about half an hour to do some S.M.L.  At 9:50 we packed up and got our stuff and lined up.  The seniors were last in the line so we had to wait a lot.  When we were crossing Halswell Road there was a police officer to help us cross.  When we got down to the domain we had something quick to eat and then we had to walk to track.  We didn't walk all of it because it was a very big track.  The year 7/8 race was first because the touch team had a tournament and they had to leave at 12pm.  We had to do 2 laps of the course.  After my race I was exhausted.  We got to sit down for a bit and then we had to go over and play the games.  The game was capture the flag.  Overall the day was fun and I enjoyed myself.  I showed leadership by listening to the teachers and doing what they asked.

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