Thursday, 3 March 2016

The Food Forest

Yesterday afternoon and this morning, half of the year 8's worked in the food forest.  Yesterday afternoon we were working around the back of rooms 12/13.  We were pulling out all of the of the plants in the food forest.  Also I jumped on the trailer because it was getting full I stayed on it for awhile because there was so much stuff.  It was very hard work because the plants were big.  Today we went behind room 19 and there was a hole heap of corn that needed to be pulled out the place that the corn was id called maize maze.  After all of that the trailer was nearly full again so Madyx and I hoped on and started jumping on the stuff.  After all of it was done we went back to class and read for about 15 minuets and then had morning tea.

Yesterday morning and this afternoon my group of five went to room 17 and 19.  In room 17 we did action stations which are places were the kids go and there are things for them to do regarding learning.  In room 19 we went to music with them.  In there music they sang lots of songs with actions and that was just about it.  I showed leadership by getting involved.

Here is a photo of us pulling out the stuff in the maize maze.  By Dylan

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