Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Kauri team event Merit evidence #5 (Run Bike Run)

On Monday the kauri team had there annual Run Bike Run.  It was going to be at Westlake but they don't have toilets so it was at Halswell Domain.  We all have to walk down there because it doesn't take long.  When we got to Halswell Road there was a police officer to stop the traffic so we could cross the road safely.  When we got to the Domain it was very hot so we had to find some shade to sit in.  We could be in a team of 2 or 3 to do the run bike run or do it by ourselves.  When we were not racing one year group would be playing games and when you weren't doing that you had to be in the shade talking.  Our race was last so we had to wait a while.   I was in a team with Joseph T and Madyx.  Joseph was doing the first run, Madyx was doing the bike and I was doing the last run.  We got about 10th out of all the year 7/8 teams.  Afterwards we each got a pozi and then we had to sit back down.  Overall the day was very hot and it was fun competing.  I showed leadership by listening to the teachers and trying my best.  

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