Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Technology at Lincoln Merit evidence #3

On Tuesday I had to get to school early because it was tech and we leave for tech at 8:30.  There was only 1 bus when we were ready so the other group had to wait.  They didn't have to wait long because the other bus came just as we were leaving.  Once we got there we went to our class, I am in sewing.  The first thing we did was sign in on the iPad and then we got into our group and started our problem.  There was one problem though, our problem wasn't going to work because it was "there's no winter sport" and the choice had already been made.  So we were back to square one.  We had to come up with more ideas.  Our new idea is to make an app/game to put on the App Store/Play Store.  We ended up making a NBA version of a game called 2048.  Instead of the numbers there are photos of NBA players.  We have not published it yet because we ran out of time.  I showed leadership by using my time wisely.

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