Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Technology at Lincoln Merit evidence #2

On Tuesday's the year 7/8's went to tech at Lincoln primary school.  Once we got there we went to our classes.  I am in sewing.  As soon as we got there we had to do the roll by tapping on our face twice.  Mrs Scott and Mrs Patterson set that up.  The first thing we did was discuss what we were going to do and then we started planning for our new activity.  We had to write down problems that were annoying us.  Once that was done we found a group, my group is Jonothan, Scott and me.  We had to compare all of our ideas and then choose 1 idea.  Our idea was to have winter sport.  So we had to think of ways to to get our message through.  We are going to do a survey and then right a letter to Mrs Trotter about it.  I showed leadership by getting to school on time so I didn't miss the bus.

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