Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Technology at Lincoln distinction evidence #1

Today I had to be at school early so I was ready to board the bus on time to go to Tech at Lincoln.  Mrs Ellis was in charge of getting us on the bus today as Miss O was not there. Once we got to Lincoln I went straight to Woodwork.  When I got inside I said good morning to Mr Bowers and then once everyone else was there we continued on our planning of our speaker container and drew up our final design. Once our design was drawn up we next had to colour it in and then we showed Mr Bowers and he said yes or no. If we got a yes, we could tell him our box measurements and then he would cut them out for us. Next, he showed us how to glue our box together and once it was glued together we had to wait for the glue to dry.  After that I started sanding my box so it was smooth.  I showed leadership by listening to the teacher carefully because if we did if wrong we couldn't do another speaker. 

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