Friday, 21 October 2016

Technology at Lincoln Distinction evidence #2

On Tuesday I had to be at school at 8:25am because the bus leaves for technology at Lincoln at 8:30am .  Once we got there I went straight to class.  I am in science and we were doing robotics.  First the teacher told us how to use them.  Next we buddied up with someone and chose what robot we were going to make.  I don't know what robot we made but it was a very hard one to make.  We had a 45 minute session then we went to mandarin where we learnt about family's.  After mandarin we had morning tea.  After morning tea we had another block building robots.  Half way through the block some people started finishing there robots.  After you have finished you have to program them on the computer.  We did not get to program our robot because we finished with 10 minutes to go and it would not program.  I showed leadership by helping my partner with building our robot.

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