Thursday, 12 November 2015

Senior Librarian

On Tuesday at lunch time I had Senior Librarian.  Once the 12:40 bell rang I had not finished my lunch so I had to sit outside the library until i had finished.  Once I had finished I went inside and looked at the trolley and there was lots of books to put away so I said to Mrs Ward if I could push the trolley around instead of carrying the books.  Mrs award said yes so I started putting them back.  After I had finished that I asked Mrs Ward if there was any other jobs that she wanted me to do and she said that there was some new books to stamp.  After I sat down Hannah asked if she could do the books and I do the desk so I said yes.  After that I was time to close the library so we got to go early.  I showed leadership by being at the right place at the right time to do my duty.

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