Friday, 6 November 2015

Peer Mediator

On Thursday at 1:10pm I told Ryan that it was time for our duty so we went and got our gear. Firstly we started walking around the field and then we stopped at the senior playground to see how things were as there are normally problems there. Since there were no problems we continued walking around the field. When we got over to the big oak tree we told some students to move as there was a game of cricket about to start and then out the corner of my eye I noticed Cody signalling us over to where he was. Cody needed our assistance as there was a big problem with three students which resulted in one student being pushed and another being punched in the face.  Luckily the bell was about to ring so a duty teacher was heading our way and helped us out. I showed leadership by following the Peer Mediator rules and seeking help from the duty teacher.  

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