Friday, 17 October 2014

100wc week #7 ...I could not believe the smell

I was at school and when it was brain food time I got out my apple. I could not believe the smell.  I took a big bite and before I could  say, “ OMG, “  I ran to the boys toilet and spat the apple out.  Before I went back to class I had a good hard look at my apple. It was rotten, soft, brown and it had a worm farm in it. It smelt like a mixture of food rubbish and vomit. 
I quickly threw it in the bin. 
After school I told my mum that my apple was rotten. I was feeling quite annoyed that I missed out on my fruit break just because mum had not checked the quality of fruit in my lunch box.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Dylan, yuk!! You describe the rotten apple very well and I like your choice of interesting adjectives like 'rotten, soft, brown'. I also think you have used your punctuation really well. Next time, double check that you have opened and closed your speech marks properly (for example "OMG"). Well done!