Friday, 24 October 2014

100wc week #8

 This picture is the prompt for week 8 of the 100 word challenge.

Why can I not get to sleep?!!!
Maybe I should have a drink of milk.  
"Oh why," I wondered.  
I should go for a walk, that will burn some energy.  When I was walking I came across a statue.  I had a look at the statue then continued on.  Five minutes later, "WHAT," I thought, I had already passed this statue.  
I progressed on but I heard a noise.  I quickly turned around and the statue had moved and when I turned around again the statue was chasing me.  I screamed for my life and ran my heart out.   

1 comment:

  1. Hi Dylan. How scary - being chased by a statue! I liked the way you composed your entry this week. The ideas and events flowed well and were easy to follow. Just remember when you are asking yourself a question, in speech or thought, to use a question mark inside the quotation marks. Keep up the great writing.
    Mrs W (Team 100 Australia)