Saturday, 17 September 2016

Helping out around the school Distinction evidence #2

On Friday I got asked to help out at the Oakland's school quiz night.  The quiz night is to fundraise for the year 8 trip to wellington which is in term 4.  In the quiz there are 7 different rounds and there are games, raffles and auctions inbetween the rounds.  There were 10 questions in each round but if you couldn't get an answer you could buy a dot for $2 but you could only buy 5 for the whole quiz.  We played 2 games which were heads and tails and Bourbon toss. Heads and tails work by people choosing hand on head or bottom and if they get it right they stay standing and if they get it wrong they sit down.  Bourbon toss is where people toss coins to try and get it the closest to the bottle, the closest would win the bottle of Bourbon.  The jobs the 4 heads had to do was clear tables, sell dots and raffle tickets and catch people that were on there phones. Overall it was a really fun night and I would go next year.

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