Thursday, 25 September 2014

Another place another time

W.A.L.T write a Narrative

It all started on a stormy night.  I was asleep in my bed on a boat called the Swift Sailer until I felt a big BANG!! I jumped out of my bed and ran up to the top deck. The captain said that we had hit a rock. I replied ''we will have to jump out of the boat.''

I saw an island and told my crew to swim over to it.  When I got to the island there was some coconuts and berries and we had to drink from the sea.

I found some train tracks and some supplies to build a cart.  We travelled along the tracks BUT...

After awhile the tracks came to an end i yelled ''there is nowhere to go!!!''

I saw a ship we signalled it over and it saw us the captain said ''where do you want to go Mattie?''
I replied ''back to my home town thanks mate.''
''Sure thing'' said the captain.
We finally returned but something was different...

P.S this is the photo of another place another time

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