Friday, 26 September 2014

100 Word Challenge Week #4

Once upon a time lived a crocodile that was so lazy that he lost his brain. It said ‘’ I am not living with you any more, crocodile.’’ The crocodile replied, "I don’t care I don’t need you anyway.’’

So the brain stormed away and sighed, “Oh just don’t worry about him.” 

The brain was walking along minding his own business when an orange hit him in the cerebrum. "Oww,’’ he bellowed. 

Luckily, he landed on something soft, his crocodile.

“Ohh, I landed on something, WAIT who am I?”

He forgot who he was. 


  1. What an imaginative 100 wc, Dylan.
    I like your use of cerebrum! However I think your brain has forgotten to use the word 'pepper' ! The inclusion of speech at the beginning draws the reader into your story. Well done.

  2. Mrs Skinner (Team100) Bristol, UK29 September 2014 at 21:01

    Note for teacher:
    One of Team 100 tried to leave a comment but was given the message of needing a host name when using the 'Name' option in the drop down menu. Could you investigate please?

  3. Hi Dylan
    I liked your very imaginative story and your use of the word cerebrum. But did your brain forget something? You forgot to include 'pepper'. It's also nice to see speech included. Well done.