Wednesday, 26 February 2014


Choose you culture, treat it four ways

we are learning about the elements and techniques of painting.
we are able to share culture identities through the arts.

I choose the new Zealand culture as the painting subject.  I researched some of the new Zealand icons and i decided to do the NZ L&P bottle because it is native to NZ

1.We painted our draft copy

2. We outlined our drawing on a A4 piece of paper.

3. On  a  A4  paper we drew a new copy without painting it.

4. We traced the A4 copy on to a A2 4 times.

5.Then we painted it with different colours for complementary i used orange and blue for analagous i used blue, sky blue, purple-blue and for monochro
matica  i used orange-red pink and red and for black and white i used black and white.

6. Finally we  outlined it with black vivid.
I think i did very well because i am not very good at painting.